So OVER the Nightlife

So, people, how is that a 24-year-old girl doesn’t enjoy the lavish scenes of the nightlife anymore? The “lavish” was sarcasm and I’m that 24-year-old girl, so I might have some theories. You know the first time I was ever breathalyzed was my junior year of high school, and I was as confident as ever. Why? Well because that was one of the only times I WASN’T drinking. Something told me to just play bartender and let all the other kids get wasted and, sure enough, the cops rolled in. ASSHOLES. Thanks for ruining the fun. One of the police officers asked “Who here DIDN’T drink?” and, oh lucky me, I was the only one who raised my hand. Stupid, but I wasn’t lying. I was the FIRST one they made stand up and blow into that stupid little pen-looking machine and guess who passed? ME 🙂 Well my friends, that’s about the only night I went out and wasn’t drunk out of my mind, but thankfully my good luck didn’t stop there.

There has been so many countless nights of my underage drinking at bars, nightclubs, and house parties that always seem to get shut down by the police, but my dumb ass still went. WHY, YOU CRAZY GIRL? Looking back I’m like, goodness, God really had my back. The legal drinking age came around and shit only got crazier. I’ve been in two car accidents drinking and driving. BIG NO NO KIDS… You too, adults.

One accident it was raining and my stupid stick shift car hydroplaned and ended up in a ditch. The other notorious accident was when I missed my turn so I tried to do a Fast-N-Furious drifting U-turn, but instead, I hit a government fence. Nice going Nawni.

Night after night I found myself at some bar or club testing God’s patience with me. Over time, things in the nightlife started to blur — and I’m not talking about a blacked-out blur, though I’ve had my fair share of those. I’m talking about a type of blur you see when things are getting old and repetitious. Hangovers began to feel like death and the smell of smoke in my hair equaled the smell of vomit. I got tired of Hennessy bottles being poured down my throat a quarter past two. That’s way too late to be taking down some liquor, especially Hectic Henny.


Nowadays, I enjoy just being at home, and if I want to indulge in some liquor, my freezer/fridge is right there. You’ll be surprised how long a bottle of liquor lasts when you don’t go out partying with it. I still don’t mind going out every once in a while but the every weekend turn-ups are a thing of the past with me… I cringe at the thought that not only could I have severely harmed or killed myself, and then in return hurt my loved ones, but worse putting another family in that same agony.

Not everyone is as lucky as I am… I thank God he’s kept me protected all those years of irresponsible drinking and I thank him for his patience with me. I beg of you all, there’s Uber now. PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. And if you’re underage take my advice, don’t bother. Too much is at stake when you drink irresponsibly and your loved ones and family care about you. If you’re sitting here thinking, “No they don’t, no one cares about me,” then just know I CARE ABOUT YOU and GOD cares about you.

P.S. If this isn’t enough to make you drink responsibly then my high-ass insurance should be. $450 a month thanks to those accidents. I’d like to say “Fuck off, Progressive,” but it’s not them, it’s me and my decisions. Keep that in mind, loves, and until next time,


Simply Aalyah

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