Greece Sea Sickness

I woke up on our second-to-last morning in Skiathos, Greece not feeling so good, a little nauseous. My dad, so sweet, made our famous fried egg, ham and cheese sandwich. I ate it even though I didn’t feel like it. After getting ready, my dad and I walked to the boat, since we were staying right by the port it was a short three-minute walk.

We met the other eight passengers while waiting to board the gorgeous 55-foot sailboat. It looked like the captain and wife were just getting up. The wife jogged to a nearby food place to grab them some breakfast. I thought that was a bit unprofessional considering it was pass the time they told us all to be there, but hey, who cares? On board, the captain and wife introduced themselves then me and my dad headed to the front of the sailboat to lie down, as did everyone else. It was so hot at first because there were no clouds blocking the sun.

As we begin to sail I started to feel worse, so my dad and I moved to the boat’s seating/dining area which was mid deck . I’d been on plenty of boats before then, but I was beginning to experience sea sickness for the first time. I guess everyone else was tired of the glaring sun because they moved to the dining area as well, which somehow annoyed me. I’m sure it’s just because I didn’t want to be bothered. The seasickness grew. I went below deck so I didn’t throw up overboard and embarrass myself. When I got down to the bathroom, I immediately came back out because the waves and rocking felt worse down below. The captain’s wife was in the little cabin kitchen, and I asked her if she had any motion sickness tablets and — holy almighty — she did. I took one and headed back to the seating area.

Everyone was laughing and conversing while I grew worse with nausea. I tried to drink water and even a Coca-Cola to calm it, but NO LUCK. I could tell my dad was very worried for me with his constant love and rubbing my shoulder and back. I tried to turn to lay on his shoulder, but that didn’t work either. I became irritated… Here I was, on this beautiful day out at sea, and all I could think about was “DON’T THROW UP, NAWNI”.

large-minnie sea sick

I must have looked terrible because some of the passengers began to look worried for me. One lady sent me over the edge. “Are you not feeling well? Do you need a motion sickness pill?” with her overbearing eyes, or maybe it just felt like that. I quickly replied, “No, I’ve taken one, thank you.” But I really wanted to say “STOP FUCKING STARING AT ME!” I know she was just trying to be kind, but I wanted to scream at everyone who was looking at me. I turned my body around to look away from everyone and face the sea, which in fact was a bad idea because it was so close to my face.

I started breathing hard and tried to stop the tears from falling down my face. I felt like such a big-ass baby. I don’t know why I was crying. Maybe it was a panic attack from all the prying eyes or maybe it was the nausea getting the best of me. My dad felt so sorry for me, but all he could do was rub my back. I knew he was talking to me but it’s a blur as to what he was even saying. The more I tried to hold back, the more tears shed and finally, my savior came for me. No, not Jesus. It was the captain’s wife. I don’t remember what all she said to me but she offered to go to the back of the boat with me and gave me a mint. She must have been used to calming her passengers because she was uber good at it. She told me to look far out into the sea and within minutes I felt the nasty nausea fading. The water was so beautiful with hues of blue and green. Before I knew it, we were at our stop. I hopped in the water as if nothing was wrong with me in the first place.

I’m not sure if it was the mint, the smooth rubbing of my dad’s back rub, the most unrealistic view of the gorgeous sea, the kind women who showed me her calming tips, or the pill that finally decided to do its damn job, but I was thankful and I’m sure it was just a combination of it all that made me feel better. I was able to finish the remaining five hours of the trip feeling as good as new. Moral of the story: Take your motion sickness tablet 30 minutes before such activity because even if you’ve NEVER felt the way I did, trust me, you don’t want to.

large-enjoyin sea greece
My dad and me enjoying the sea how it’s suposed to be!!

Until Next Time,


Simply Aalyah

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