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Lets face it ladies finding a good bra for pregnancy and post pregnancy is tough but I had the pleasure of testing out some of Glammom’s products for you and I can honestly say I’m impressed! Not saying I thought their bras would be shit but I’ve lowered my expectations for maternity bras overall because i could never find the right ones!

Before getting into the individual products they sent me lets talk about the company as a whole. I love working with all companies including those outside of the United States. Glammom is based out of Sweden but don’t fret the website given above is in English! Although if you read Swedish and Danish they have their website set up to do an easy language switch. So because this company is based out of Sweden I assumed the shipping would take forever but that wasn’t the case. Once my products were shipped I received them in less than a week which is a lot faster than most overseas companies. The only downside is it cost 17 USD which is on average about $10 more than standard US shipping. I do have a fix for you though! Glammom gave me a 30% OFF code for my readers that I’ve listed below! They sell a wide rage of mommy products from bras & panties to diaper bags & nursing covers. In my opinion the prices are a little on the pricey side (like Victoria Secret) but on the other hand I consider it worth it and reasonable because you’re getting great quality. Another plus is my Influencer Rep I worked with was super kind and helpful which leads me to believe their customer service is pretty great!

Now getting into the products!

Bogema, Florence Bra & Panty (Black & White)

bogema brabogema bottoms

Everything about this bra is AMAZING! During pregnancy my boobs exploded in size to a whopping 36-40G. Yes, bras go that high in size lol. In fact their sizes for this bra range from the smallest being 32B to their largest sizes 32K or 40H. The bra fit true to size but if you’re not sure what your new mommy size is you can always go to a maternity store, such as motherhood, and they’ll get your correct size. The Bogema bra is also VERY comfortable and it has the clips on the straps to let your breast out for nursing. It’s pretty stretchy too so there’s room for your post pregnancy size when your milk starts to come in. Since the bra isn’t too tight on your boobies it doesn’t constrict your breastmilk flow from coming in. That’s super important mommies! I think the best part about this bra is it’s not only sexy & stylish but it has NO UNDERWIRE and still gives your breast all the support they need. It’s not even padded but it holds my boobs up like the best push up bra should! The panties are sold separately and I like this because you could be like me and don’t care about matching your bra & panties but just in case you do they’re there for purchase and super cute as well. They have the slightest high-rise making it comfy for your prego belly and also they don’t cut into your skin. I’d like the panty to be a bit cheaper for you all but hey, again there’s that lovely discount code! Overall super impressed with this awesome set!

Price: Bra- 38 EUR/42.32 USD & Panty- 25 EUR/27.84 USD

On to the Next!

Serenity Pullover Bra & Seamless Panty (Black)

These are more of your comfy at home set. The fabric, bamboo viscose, is SO SOFT and to me feels like a really silky cotton. The top looks like a cute bralette and it’s nice & loose but not too loose where your breast come out the bottom if you’re moving a lot. Since this is a pullover bra there are no nursing clips for let down; however the bra is loose enough to pull one side over your breast for nursing and it’s like the same thing. So, I would say if you want to breast feed in public with or hey! without your nursing scarf this bra would still work for you! There is enough support but its not pushing my bad boys up; that’s not this bras purpose. I like to sleep or lounge around the house in this set. The panties are ADORABLE! They’re super high waisted covering all or most of your pregnant belly and it’s seamless making it nice & stretchy. No cutting into the skin with these undergarments 🙂 I also love this set because after birth, lets face it, sometimes we feel a little insecure, which we SHOULD NOT but we do, and the high waist panty covers up your belly so we can still look and feel cute & sexy. Like the Bogema set, mentioned above, the bra and panty are sold separate. Now i don’t mind the price of the panty because I love the high waist so much and you can’t find that at most maternity stores but I would like it if the price for the bra was a little cheaper but hey you can’t always get what you want! Unless of course you use that discount code!! 😉 They come in black and pastel pink!

Price: Bra- 39 EUR/43.43 USD Panty- 25 EUR/27.84 USD


CurveDay Washable Nursing Pads

Now ladies these are a MUST HAVE!!! Like most first time moms, I went out & bought a bunch of disposable nursing pads and sure they’re cool because you just toss them in the trash but they move all over the place even when using the sticky backs. Whether I’m working out or asleep tossing & turning, because of the curve in the pads, they STAY IN PLACE. Also if your anything like me my milk fills up FAST after pumping or nursing so if I’m at the gym or asleep I’ll have some major leakage. These nursing pads help a lot because they’re extremely absorbent compared to your disposable ones. No more wet bras and shirts over this way! Another thing, I was worried you might be able to see them under my shirts but when i wear these with my nursing bras there’s NO BULGE so you can’t! The outside is a light nude color and the inside comes in either pink or purple. If you don’t mind buying a few of these and tossing them in the wash along with your other clothes you’ll end up saving money through your breast feeding months or years!

Price: 18 EUR/20.05 USD (Comes with one set of two pads)

My 30% off code is Aalyah30

Try them out! I know you’ll love their products as much as I do and until next time


Simply Aalyah



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